Dos and Don’ts

  • This event lasts a long time. Please make sure you consume enough water and take breaks. Remember, you are responsible for your own health.
    We recommend the following:
    • ・ getting enough sleep the night before the concert
    • ・ drinking enough water with an appropriate salt content (alcohol is not a water substitute)
    • ・ wiping perspiration
    • ・ drinking enough water and taking breaks if you feel hot
    • ・ not drinking too much alcohol
    * Please notify a staff member near you if you come across a sick person.
  • The Arena is a free space but occupying areas with sheets, etc. is prohibited.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry or forcibly eject guests from the venue who are heavily intoxicated, acting offensively or any other behavior deemed disruptive or dangerous in nature. In such cases, tickets will not be refunded.
  • If it has been determined that you have entered the venue without proper authorization, you will be ejected from the venue regardless of reason, handed over to the proper authorities and a damages suit will be filed against you.
  • There will be no refunds if the event is cancelled or artists changed due to unforeseeable reasons such as natural disasters. Also, we are not responsible for travel expenses (cancellation included) incurred due to event cancellation or delay.
  • The use of cameras/cell phones with camera, video and/or sound recording equipment by guests to record or film performing artists is strictly prohibited. Upon confirmation of such action, we reserve the right to confiscate such equipment and eject you from the venue. Also, dependent on the severity of your actions, you may be handed over to the proper authorities.
  • Guests are prohibited from bringing into the venue fireworks, gunpowder and/or any other illegal items that could pose a safety hazard.
  • No plastic bottles are allowed into the Arena.
  • No food and/or beverages of any kind may be brought into the venue. Food and beverages will be available at the FOOD Area.
  • The promoter, venue and artists will in no way be liable for any trouble, accident or incident in- or outside the venue between you and other guests. You and the said third party are responsible for resolving the matter among yourselves. You are also responsible for your belongings.
  • Dangerous acts including diving and moshing are strictly prohibited.
  • Please sort your garbage before disposing of it.
  • Use of matches and lighters outside the Smoking Area is strictly prohibited.


Q1: How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets are available at Ticket PIA, Lawson Ticket, e+, and CN Play Guide. Please go to the Ticket Page for details.

Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable. Ticket holders will not be entitled to refunds for any artist changes and/or cancellations, changes to timetable and/or venue. Tickets may not be transferred or resold at a premium in person or online. Any scalping activities are strictly forbidden.

Q2: I’m bringing my children. Will they need tickets?

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed into the venue.
Tickets must be purchased for children over the age of 6.

Q3: Are seats reserved? Do you give out reference numbers?

All seats are reserved. Please refer to the seat number on your ticket. No reference numbers will be given out for standing area tickets.

Q4: I’ve lost my ticket. Can I still be admitted?

We refuse admission under any circumstances to anyone without tickets.

Q5: I am in a wheelchair. What should I do?

Guests with mobility disabilities should contact H.I.P. (+81-3-3475-9999 10am–6pm weekdays) in advance.
We plan on setting up a special wheelchair area. Please note there are certain areas inaccessible to those with disabilities. Please be forewarned companions will also be required to purchase tickets.

Venue / Stage

Q1: What is the stage like?

The concert will be held at Makuhari Messe, Exhibition Halls 9-11.
There will be 2 stages, side by side, with performances going on alternately between them, the “BLACK STAGE,” and the “PURPLE STAGE.” Please refer to the area map on ozzfestjapan.com.

Q2: How do I enter the venue?

Please exchange your ticket for a wristband at the Wristband Exchange Station before entering the venue. The Wristband Exchange Station will be open from 8am-9pm for 1-Day Ticket holders on each day, and 8am-9pm for 2-Day Ticket holders on both days.

There will only be one Wristband Exchange Station. Please be forewarned the Wristband Exchange Station area may be busy for wristband exchanges, admissions and/or exits.

Q3: Why do we need wristbands?

Wristbands are required as proof of your ticket purchase, in order to prevent improper entry.
We will not under any circumstances give out extra wristbands to replace any that have been lost or damaged. You will be asked to leave the venue if you don’t have your wristband on your person. Please handle your wristband with care and have it with you at all times until you leave the venue.

Q4: Are you free to leave and enter the venue after being admitted?

Yes, as long as you have your wristband on, you are free to enter and leave the venue as you wish on the concert day to which you were admitted. Please note free re-entry becomes void as soon as you take your wristband off. Also, wristbands cannot be shared with a third party. As soon as unauthorized use is confirmed you will be ejected from the venue, handed over to the proper authorities and a damages claim will be filed against you. Entry may be regulated to maintain safety when the venue is crowded.

Q5: Is smoking allowed in the venue?

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the venue.
There is a Smoking Area in the concourse. Thank you for not smoking in all other areas.

Q6: Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No food and/or beverages of any kind may be brought into the venue. Please refrain from eating in the Arena. A selection of food and beverages will be available at the FOOD Area, open from 10am-8pm.

Under Japanese law, smoking and drinking is prohibited for those under 20 years of age.
You may be asked to provide an ID. Your cooperation is appreciated in sorting garbage before discarding it in the proper receptacles.

Q7: Are there anything we cannot bring into the venue?

Guests are prohibited from bringing any hazardous materials (see below) into the venue.

Firearms, knives, fireworks, laser pointers, glow sticks, glass, bottles, cans, umbrellas, video/audio recorders, food/beverages (liquids exceeding 80g), plastic bottles, aerosol containers, spray cans, backpacks, large shoulder bags, belt buckles, blunt objects, chains over 3.8mm in diameter (including wallets with chains), sharp (pointed) bracelets/belts/collared shirts/boots/jackets, brass knuckles[拳鍔=メリケンサック=brass knuckles], filming equipment, and other items/activities that may disrupt the event/performance

Q8: Can we bring folding chairs, tarps, and/or coolers into the venue?

All of the above are prohibited since they would restrict the enjoyment of other guests at the venue.
‘Saving’ spots by using picnic blankets is strictly prohibited. The executive committee reserves the right to remove these objects from the venue. Also, ‘saving’ spots/waiting for specific artists to appear in the front area is prohibited.

Are there any seats where we can sit and watch the show?

The RESERVED SEATING area is only for guests with reserved tickets. All other ticket holders must stand to watch the show. There is seating by the FOOD Area.

Q10: Are pets allowed in the venue?

Assistance dogs only are allowed into the venue.
Guests who must be accompanied by assistance dogs should contact H.I.P. (+81-3-3475-9999 10am–6pm weekdays) in advance.

Q11: Are there coat/bag checks at the venue?

There is only a limited number of on-site lockers in the venue. A coat/bag check will be located outside the venue. (\1,000/day, re-checks will be charged) We discourage checking valuables at the coat/bag check. You are responsible for your valuables at all times. Coat/bag checks are for one day only, not overnight. We reserve the right to discard any unclaimed items. Also, please note that if you lose your claim ticket you will have to wait until the end of the day’s last performance before your items are handed back to you.

Q12: What should I do if I suddenly feel sick?

Please inform a staff member near you. Only emergency treatment will be provided at the first-aid station. You will be responsible for your own health. Also, please notify a staff member near you if you come across a sick person.

Q13: What time will the concert end?

The concert is scheduled to end around 9:30pm on the 11th, and around 9:00pm on the 12th.

Q14: How is the cell phone reception inside the venue?

The venue accommodates all carriers, yet connection may become difficult when cell phone use intensifies, such as at the end of the concert.

Q15: What time are you selling concert merchandise? Can non-ticket holders buy merchandise?

Pre-sale concert merchandise will be available from 8am both days.

Q16: Where can I retrieve lost articles?

All found items will be taken to the Lost and found Booth.
Please claim your article(s) at the booth.

Q17: I have lost my child. What should I do?

Please come to the Information Booth.

Sales of Concert Merchandise

[Ticket Holders]

OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE/ARTIST MERCHANDISE will be available from 8:00am both days. Merchandise may be purchased after your tickets have been exchanged for wristbands. Tickets at the Door will be available at the door from 8:00am.

[Non-Ticket Holders]

OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE/ARTIST MERCHANDISE will also be available for non-ticket holders, after the show starts (after 12:00noon).


All available merchandise is limited in number. Please be advised we may have to terminate sales of some items once they sell out.

[Sales of Merchandise]

Only the merchandise below will be available on both days.

[Merchandise Sales Hours]

Official Goods
Day 1 [May 11/Saturday] 8:00~22:00
Day 2 [May 12/Sunday] 8:00~21:30

Artist Goods
Day 1 [May 11/Saturday] 8:00~20:30
Day 2 [May 12/Sunday] 8:00~20:00

※Please note sales will not extend beyond the indicated times.

Access to Venue

Q1: How do I get to the venue?

By Train & Foot

7 minutes on foot from Kaihin-Makuhari Station on the JR Keiyō Line/Musashino Line
(Kaihin-Makuhari Station is approximately 31 minutes by express train from Tokyo Station/ approximately 12 minutes from Soga Station)

By Train & Bus

Buses run from Makuhari-Hongō Station on the JR Sōbu Line/Keisei Makuhari-Hongō Station on the Keisei Line

・ approximately 15 minutes
on the bus bound for→Kaihin-Makuhari Station
(get off at Kaihin-Makuhari Station: 7 minutes on foot to Makuhari Messe)

・ approximately 17 minutes
on the bus bound for→QVC Marine Field/Iryō Center
(get off at Town Center: 3 minutes on foot to Makuhari Messe)

・ approximately 17 minutes
on the bus bound for→Makuhari Messe Chuō
(get off at Makuhari Messe Chuō)

※Please be reminded buses are limited in number.

Last Trains/Buses

Bound for Tokyo/Shinjuku

Kaihin-Makuhari Station on the JR Keiyō Line
・ 12:13am (leaves Kaihin-Makuhari for Tokyo)
→12:49am (arrives in Tokyo)

・ 11:37pm (leaves Kaihin-Makuhari for Tokyo)
→12:27am (JR Chuō Line leaves Tokyo for Musashi Koganei)
→12:50am (arrives in Shinjuku)

Makuhari-Hongō Station on the JR Sōbu Line

12:00am (leaves Makuhari-Hongō for Ochanomizu)
→12:42am (JR Yamanote Line leaves Akihabara for Tokyo)
→12:45am (arrives in Tokyo)

Keisei Bus

10:53pm (leaves Kaihin-Makuhari for Makuhari-Hongō)
→around 11:08pm (arrives in Makuhari-Hongō)

Bound for Chiba

・ 11:41pm (leaves Kaihin-Makuhari for Soga)
→11:54pm (Chiba Monorail leaves Chiba Minato for Chishirodai)
→11:58pm (arrives in Chiba)

・ 1:09am (leaves Makuhari Hongo for Chiba)
→1:21am (arrives in Chiba)

By Car

from Tokyo

-approximately 40 minutes from central Tokyo/Haneda Airport areas
-approximately 5 minutes from the Wangan Narashino Exit (Higashi-Kantō Expressway)
-approximately 5 minutes from the Makuhari Exit (Keiyō Road)

from Narita Airport

-approximately 30 minutes from Narita International Airport
-approximately 5 minutes from the Wangan Chiba Exit (Higashi-Kantō Expressway)

Q2: Can I drive or bike to the venue? Are there parking lots for cars and motorcycles/bikes?

There is a limited number of paid public parking lots around the venue.
We highly recommend using public transportation. Please refrain from illegal/street parking.

Other Info

Q1: I can’t make it to the venue. Is there a way I can watch the concert on TV or online?

No such broadcasts are planned.

Q2: What should I do in case of emergency?

In the event of an emergency, please follow instructions and directions from the staff calmly. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure your safety.

Q3: What should we do if an earthquake strikes?

The area around Makuhari Messe is subject to occasional tremors.
The building was designed to withstand seismic effects, so in case an earthquake strikes, please do not leave the building, stay inside and follow our staff’s instructions calmly.